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Counsellors' Portal

Kindly complete the form below for setting up your access to the counsellor's portal.

We will also need to confirm your affiliation with your stated institution based on the school website.  If we will not be able to locate your name on your school's website, kindly advise us in the remarks section ways where we may confirmation your affiliation.

As access to the counsellor's portal will disclose personal information of applicants, we thank you for your understanding as we take the steps to ensure personal and sensitive information of our candidates is protected.
1. Are you a *This question is required.
Please note that school teachers / subject teachers are not required to have access to the counsellors' portal to support students' applications. After their applications have been submitted, you will receive a system generated link to provide supporting documents and all documents uploaded that way will be confidential.
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3. Have you already submitted any grades or predictions with your account within this application period (since September 2019)?
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4. We will need to confirm your affiliation with the stated institution.

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