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Summer Staff Reference

You have been asked by an individual to be a reference for a summer position at  Camp Hebron, a Christian camp serving children & adults. We seek applicants who have accepted Jesus as personal Savior & are actively living a committed life of faith. We seek those who want to share their faith with others through their words & lifestyle. Applicants should be self-motivated, teachable, dependable, hardworking, service-oriented, & able to serve both children & adults under professional guidelines. Your ratings & comments about the applicant will be very helpful to us. To the best of your ability, evaluate this applicant in the areas listed below in each category & offering additional comments as you wish, either in the spaces provided or on a separate sheet. Thank you for your honest evaluation. Thank you for completing and submitting this form. If you have specific questions or concerns please call (717) 896-3441 or email
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6. Please select the answer that best fits the applicant for each line.
Space Cell ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
Energy Level
Punctuality/sleeping habits
Outgoing/Personable with others
Ability to Work on a Team
Communication Skills
Emotional Balance