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a-BBPP Consultation Feedback: ENGOs

Welcome to the Consultation Workbook for ENGOs on the Proposal to Amend the Blue Box Program Plan

This workbook is designed to facilitate feedback on the topics covered during the consultation meeting on November 17 with ENGOs.

This workbook is organized by subject area. On each page of the workbook you will find the relevant slide(s) that were presented at the November 17 meeting, followed by, if applicable, supplementary information and then a question and answer box. This format will ensure you have all the information needed when providing your feedback to specific topics. You can also provide feedback at any time by using the feedback button on the Stewardship Ontario website.

All feedback received will be carefully considered as the proposal for an amended Blue Box Program Plan is developed.      

Please complete and submit the Consultation Workbook by Wednesday, November 29, 2017.

If you have any questions regarding the workbook, please email Jennifer James at