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Your Arousal Type

Fill out this short survey and receive your Arousal Type immediately!

This survey is anonymous and confidential (see our privacy statement) and should take approximately 13 minutes to complete. The questionnaire has approx. 29 questions that cover your sexual preferences and interests.  Feel free to check it out, knowing that at any point you can discontinue without consequence. If you have any questions about it or comments about it please contact Dr. Zebroff at

* You must be 18 to participate. By completing the survey you are agreeing to participate in furthering our understanding of human sexuality.

This question requires a valid email address.
2. My gender is:
3. My sexual orientation is:
4. What is your age? *This question is required.
5. My relationship status is: *This question is required.
I have been in my relationship for:
I would rate the general satisfaction of my relationship as:
6. When it comes to how I relate to others:(please mark which of the following you agree with)
Space Cell NoSometimesYes
I want to merge completely with another person
I find it relatively easy to get close to others
Often, love partners want me to be more intimate than I feel comfortable being
One of my biggest worries is being left by a partner (or being alone).
I rarely worry about being "liked" by others.
7. Please answer the following questions about yourself. There are no right or wrong answers.
Space Cell Not at all like meA little like meSomewhat like meA lot like meExactly like me
I get embarrassed very easily.
I care a lot about how I present myself to others.
It is hard for me to work when someone is watching me.
I usually worry about making a good impression.
I'm quick to notice changes in my mood.
I'm always trying to figure myself out.
I find myself attracted to things that are exciting, dramatic or spectacular.
I enjoy being the center of attention.
It is difficult for me to say "thank you"
I feel hollow or empty inside -- unless I am being told I am special.
I believe that almost anyone can accomplish anything if only they try hard enough.
I feel as if there are two selves inside me -- the good me and the bad (shameful) me.
8. Overall, how satisfactory or unsatisfactory is your present sex life?
9. How important is it for you to have an orgasm with a partner?
10. Over the last year, how often have you had difficulty getting enough lubrication (women) or maintaining an erection (men) before or during sex?
11. Over the past 4 weeks, how often have you used sexual thoughts or fantasy during masturbation?
12. Over the last year, how often have you had difficulty reaching orgasm (WITH a partner present)?
When you are answering the following questions please think of what "lights you up" sexually. Refer to a favorite sexual fantasy or peak sexual experience for the best material.

Think about an ideal, rather than what is possible with a current partner.
13. In preparing for my ideal sexual encounter, the thing(s) that would allow me to move into an erotic mindset  (from my everyday mindset) would be: *This question is required.Tip: Think about a favorite fantasy or peak sexual experience.
Space Cell Not a turn-onWeak turn-onModerate turn-onStrong turn-onExceptional turn-on
Thinking about (or watching) a favorite sex act.
Dressing in my favourite clothes and/or preparing my body to look HOT.
Preparing a room with sexy ambiance (candles, scents, music, etc.).
Getting into a space/ time that allows me to rid myself of stresses and focus on raw hedonistic pleasure.
A lover (or potential lover) doing something to make me feel needed.
A lover (or potential lover) agog with lust for me.
A lover (or potential lover) engaging my mind.
A lover (or potential lover) encouraging my inner calm ( away from outer distractions).
14. When it comes to how sex starts, I get the most turned-on if/when:
15. Think back to a peak sexual experience. The factor(s) of the experience that stand out as highly arousing for me were:   *This question is required.Tip: Peak experiences are those that left an impression on you. They can involve a moment of of awe or euphoria. Or can be described as the best or favorite experience.
Space Cell Not a factorWeak factorModerate factorStrong factorExceptional factor
How the ambiance or surroundings were just right for me.
How I could play out the sexual roles that I regularly think about.
How attractive and sexy I felt.
How turned on my partner was (because of how sexy I was).
How emotionally connected I felt to my partner.
How I could please my partner.
How I could let go of outside responsibility and not think, just feel.
How much I could revel in my primal body sensations.
How I could watch or talk about the things that really turn me on.
How I could merge with my partner.
16. The sexy-talk that gets me highly aroused is: *This question is required.Tip: Think back to the last arousing sexual experience, with your current or favorite sexual encounter.
Space Cell Not a turn-onWeak turn-onModerate turn-onStrong turn-onExceptional turn-on
Hearing or saying how much we care for or love one another.
Talking about (or hearing) a description of the lusty (genital-focused) sex acts or roles that I imagine most often.
Hearing my lover tell me how turned on they are by me.
Hearing my lover tell me how much they need me, or how important I am to them.
I would rather have more sensual friction than do much sex talk.
17. Other than orgasm, the stage(s) of sex (with a partner) I find highly exciting are: *This question is required.Tip: Think back to a favorite encounter or fantasy.
Space Cell Not at all excitingNot very excitingSomewhat excitingExcitingExtremely exciting
The teasing and seduction before.
The roles we get to act out to build arousal.
The genital acts we do that build to orgasm.
The emotional connection during .
The emotional connection after.
The primal touching - it doesn't matter which stage.

Thinking back to when I have felt high sexual desire. Sexual desire usually starts with:

*This question is required.Tip: Think about the circumstances (how and when) you become aware of your own sexual heat.
Space Cell Rarely or neverSeldomOccasionallyFrequentlyMost times or always
Watching or imagining a sex act in my mind.
A lover showing an interest in doing a sex act that I think about (or watch) all the time.
Stroking or touching my partner intimately.
My partner stroking or touching me intimately.
Seeing myself or thinking of myself as sexy.
Being seen as sexy by an attractive person.
Doing something romantic for my partner.
My partner doing something loving or caring for me.
Being needed or seen as important by the person closest to me.
Being in an environment where the surroundings are beautiful or luxurious.
19. If I had a choice for a sexual partner, the type of person that would turn me on the most would be: (rank your top 3) Order the items from the following list. First select an item with the spacebar to show a menu of possible ranking positions. Next, click a ranking position to order it in the ranked list. Note the menu will display more ordering options as you add items to the ranked list.
20. When it comes to reaching orgasm (with a partner), the thing I am most likely to get distracted by or concerned about is: *This question is required.(Choose up to a maximum of 5)
Tip: Choose the answers that get in the way of your sexual focus. Think about a real-life situation where you were distracted away from your erotic reality.

  • * This question is required.
21. If I had to choose between these two options, the one that would fit my character most would be: 
22. Choose the fantasy(s) that is the biggest sexual turn-on for you. (max of 3) *This question is required.Tip: Think about a fantasy that is most likely to get you aroused. Be honest! This does not have to be the fantasy that you think is most "acceptable" or possible. Just the hottest!
Which of the following sexual roles do you find most arousing to imagine yourself in? (max 3)
 Tip: This is not which you like the best, but which you find the biggest turn-on.
Which of the following sexual roles do you find most exciting to imagine yourself in? (max 3)
 Tip: This is not which you like the best, but which you find the biggest turn-on.
23. The sexual prop(s) I would find most interesting to 'light me up' sexually (with a partner): (max 2)
24. When it comes to "watching" sex (with a partner), I would get more turned on if:Tip: Think of a time where you were able to feel the most sexually aroused.
25. Choose the words that are most associated with sexual heat for you: (choose max 5)Tip: Don't think too hard!  Just let the words that you associate with sexual heat or desire pop out at you.
You can write about the first one that comes to mind, or, if you think of several, write about one that is common for you, or that is a favorite. Write as much or as little as you like.
27. The most important aspect of sex that allows me to "light up" with desire would be:Sorry to say you only get one choice!
28. Of all of the following (non-sexual) movie genres, I am most drawn to: