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PNW Deaf Interpreting Workshop Registration Form

PNW Deaf Interpreting Workshop Registration Form

1. How do you describe your hearing status?
[***NOTE: If you are hearing, you will only attend predetermined 1 or 2 of the 5 days.] *This question is required.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Boise, Idaho session have been cancelled. Participants from Idaho are encouraged to register for the Salem training from 12/16 to 12/20. Thank you.

This unique hybrid training (face-to-face and online) covers the knowledge and the skills that participants need to go out and work as a Deaf Interpreter as well as providing them with the knowledge that will contribute to their success in passing the RID Knowledge (written) exam. This training was inspired by the Deaf Interpreting Curriculum developed by the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers (NCIEC) in collaboration with a team of the top CDIs in the United States. This training will cover the following topics:

1) Deaf Interpreters: Past, Present, and Future

2) Ethnic and Cultural Diversity within the Deaf Community

3) Consumer Assessment: Identifying Culture, Language, and Communication Styles

4) Ethical Considerations and Challenges for Deaf Interpreters

5) Interpreting Theory and Practice for Deaf Interpreters

6) Deaf/Hearing and Deaf/Deaf Interpreting Teams

7) Business of Interpreting: Licensing, Taxes, Invoices, Etc.

Also, guest speakers - other experienced local CDIs and possibly representatives from local agencies - will visit the training to describe their experience and answer your questions.

Past participants all agree that it will be one of the most intense and comprehensive training you've ever participated in and that this is worth your time.

Training Fee: $700
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Boise, Idaho session have been cancelled. However, the Salem training from 12/16 to 12/20 is confirmed. Thank you.

This unique training format is designed to include hearing interpreters (HIs) to the extent possible while preserving the Deaf space for the Deaf interpreters (DIs). This is why HIs can participate in 2 of the 5 days which are described below.

RID CEUs NOT Provided!

FIRST SESSION (12/16): The Evolving Paradigm of the Deaf Interpreters: Expanding the Scope and Practice of Deaf Interpreter’s Work

- Defining the role and function of a DI

- Learn about various examples of DIs at work in various contexts (settings/consumers)

- Explore ethics and the concept of gatekeeping for both HIs/DIs

- Learn about the consumer assessment process 

- Engage in a dialogue on how to overcome the local barriers to using DIs

- Develop scripts for use with various parties who might resist bringing in a DI

SECOND SESSION (12/20): Deaf/Hearing Interpreting Teams: Application of Interpreting Models

- Engage in a brief dialogue about the interpreting models

- Learn about HI/DI teaming techniques and how to discuss the work during pre/post-conferencing

- Experiment together with DIs in teams by interpreting various videos

Only those participated in the first session will be eligible to participate in the second session. If you want to practice teaming, please register for both sessions!

Cost Per Session: $40 for WOU students, $50 for everybody else
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