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ESIP Travel Report

My Travel Report

ESIP travel is funded when this can result in benefits that can be shared across the ESIP membership.  This form will help you describe how your trip can be of use to others. Please be as thorough as you can!

NOTE: we will add a summary from this information to the ESIP website when you submit it.
1. Your Contact Details
3. Have you submitted your expense report to ESIP ( 
5. URLs for the event/event-contents
6. Did you present during this meeting with any references to ESIP? 
7. Please upload any presentation material that you shared on behalf of ESIP
10. I gathered this information (flier, white paper, etc. [up to 3 files]) from the meeting and can share it with ESIP
11. Is this is meeting that ESIP should consider for future travel awards?