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Technical Assistance Application

Technical Assistance Application

Purpose: The primary intent of this program is to implement projects that have been indicated as priorities for local Main Street districts through planning documents, such as Downtown Master Plans and committee work plans.


Eligible Programs: Non-profit organizations/municipalities that have applied and been accepted into the Wyoming Main Street (WYMS) Program.

Eligible Projects: WYMS prioritizes projects that have community buy-in, current planning and adequate promotion. Eligible projects must be:
  1. A planning document/work plan/strategic plan or similar plan
  2. Identified in a planning document such as a marketing plan or downtown development plan, etc.

Overhead costs are considered ineligible projects. These include but are not limited to salaries, office equipment costs, office space costs, etc.

Funds: Technical Assistance awards are generally $20,000 or less, but larger amounts may be considered depending on the type and scope of the project.

All grant awards are subject to the availability of funds.

Match: A minimum 10% cash match is required for all grants. For technical assistance projects exceeding $20,000, the match is 15% cash. To strengthen an application, additional match of cash or in-kind can be offered. (Please confirm in-kind match before submitting application. No administrative costs can be considered for match. Professional electrician doing installation, government doing installation, land donation, business donating or giving large discounts for product that directly relates to the project are examples of in-kind).

Due Date: A letter of intent must be submitted to Wyoming Main Street by April 15. Regional Director's need to receive a draft of your application by May 1 so they can review and give feedback. The completed funding application must be received by WYMS staff no later than May 15, 2018. A site visit or consultation must be held with WYMS staff.

Review: The review process includes an initial WYMS staff screening and report to WYMS Advisory Board. The WYMS Advisory Board will determine funding. Costs may not be incurred prior to a signed and fully executed contract for services.

Evaluation: Applications will be evaluated by the WYMS staff and the WYMS Advisory Board. Application evaluation includes the extent to which:

  • the local Main Street program has existing planning materials, work plans and strategies in place;
  • the local Main Street program has adequate training funds for staff, board members, and/or volunteers;
  • the funding request is supported in planning document(s);
  • the project will be completed in a timely manner;
  • the project will be sustainable after the technical assistance funds are awarded;
  • the project will leverage additional funds;
  • other technical assistance funds have been drawn down from previous contracts. Communities with open contracts as of the due date of the application are ineligible unless the circumstances warrant it. Contact Wyoming Main Street to determine eligibility.
  • The local Main Street has satisfactory performance on previous awards (i.e. current on WYMS training's, manager meeting attendance, timely reporting, etc.)