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Tanki X: November Updates

Hello, tanker! 

We're working hard on improving Tanki X, and we're taking this mission very seriously. In November, we released a number of updates in which we made changes to our maps and battle interface. Additionally, we released the Squads, daily bonuses, and we concluded Season One and started a fresh new season with even higher rewards.

In this survey, we'd like to hear your thoughts about all these changes.

Every answer matters! 
5. Do you want to play Tanki X with friends?
6. Tell us to what extent would you be ready to invite your friends to Tanki X?
  *Это обязательный вопрос
I will never invite them I will definitely invite them
This is an optional question, which you can choose not to answer. 
This is an optional question, which you can choose not to answer.
9. On a scale from 1 to 10, how much real money do you think a player should invest into Tanki X, in order to play with other players on equal terms? *Это обязательный вопрос
You don't need to invest real money — the skill decides everything. You need to invest money regularily
10. Have you encountered any issues/bugs in the game?
11. Do you still encounter those issues/bugs in the current version of the game?
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