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IMMERSE is an 8-week series of Sunday messages and Book Club discussions based on the book IMMERSE: MESSIAH.  The series will begin on February 4, 2018. We are looking for HOSTS who will invite friends, neighbors, co-workers or unconnected McKinney attenders to join an 8-week discussion group.


What is an IMMERSE Book Club?  An 8-week reading and discussion group providing a guided journey through the New Testament.  Book Clubs are designed to connect people who are not currently participating in a Community Group.  Participants will get an 8-week experience of learning and connecting with others.


What is a HOST?  A HOST is someone who is willing to facilitate an 8-week Book Club for unconnected people.  A HOST is someone who loves to welcome people & help them grow.  A HOST might be someone interested in starting a Community Group, but the HOST is only committing to leading the Book Club for 8 weeks.

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