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Agile Work Profiler (V1)

Introduction and Instructions

Want to know what career path to go for? How to describe your experience on a resume? Speak confidently about your strengths and interests in an interview?  The Agile Work Profiler can help!

The Agile Work Profiler will help you identify your work strengths and passions. Knowing your strengths and passions makes it easier to find work you enjoy and excel at doing.  It also makes it faster to make career changes. You’ll be asked to rate 34 work activities on how good you are at each one, and how much you enjoy doing each one.  The Survey only takes a few minutes.

When you’re done, you’ll get your top three Agilities. Agilities are groupings of work activities. Once you know your Agilities, you can maximize your strengths and passions while you focus your career path on jobs and projects that need these skills. Feature them on your resume or profile and in interviews to help companies and clients find someone just like you.  They can also guide you on how to keep developing yourself in your current situation.

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