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Inspiration Awards 2018

The Inspiration Awards: Nominate Who Inspires You

The Inspiration Awards celebrates those people who go above and beyond in inspiring and encouraging others to enjoy, participate in and support outdoor recreation.

When nominating, consider all angles of "inspiration": impact, creativity, service, technology, philanthropy, engagement, longevity, sustainability, activities, adversity and awareness.

If you have questions about the Inspiration Awards, contact Jennifer Holcomb, Senior Marketing Director & PR, at (949) 226-5763 or

Here are a few of our past winners:

Lifetime Achievement: Fred Beckey, Jeff Lowe, John Roskelley, Skip Yowell, Kristine McDivitt Tompkins
Company/Manufacturer: Outdoor Afro, Timbuk2, Patagonia, Life Straw
Individuals: Timmy O’Neill, Bill Sweasy, Jeremy Collins
Retailers: The Mountaineer, Tahoe Mountain Sports
Nonprofits: The Sierra Club, Big City Mountaineers, Veterans Expeditions
Youth: Matt Moniz, Jackie Timmins, Lilian Rose Weihert
Please nominate whoever inspires you from the following categories and tell us why:
  • Please Note: Only one entry per category may be submitted on a nomination form. If you wish to submit more than one entry per category, please submit multiple forms. You are not required to nominate for each category.
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The individual category includes employees, volunteers, customers, athletes, teachers, leaders, etc—one person who has motivated and inspired others to enjoy, participate in and support outdoor activities.

Things to consider:

  • Dedicated to their passion
  • Works to get others outdoors
  • Volunteers time to protect and preserve the environment

The Manufacturer category includes for-profit entities, such as manufacturers and suppliers. These are businesses that inspire through their dedication to efforts that have a commercial or business-oriented framework and promote a healthy, flourishing planet while sustainably and equitably meeting the needs of stakeholders.

Things to Consider:

  • Most innovative newcomer to the outdoor industry
  • Strong community and employee engagement programs
  • Encourages and enables employees to find work/life balance
  • Supports green and sustainable manufacturing practices
  • Reflects the contributions and interests of diverse cultural and social groups in its mission, operations and products.
NonProfitThe NonProfit category includes organizations, communities, schools, fundraising groups, guide services, product development teams, sales forces, etc. These are two or more people who have come together to get great things done and get even better things started.

Things to Consider:
  • Develops programs to get kids outdoors
  • Organization supports care and respect for the environment
  • Creates scholarship programs to support outdoor engagement
RetailerThe Retailer category is meant to recognize a retailer who is not only representing the industry by supporting the needs of the consumers, but motivates and inspires others to enjoy, participate in and support outdoor recreation.

Things to Consider:
  • Hosts events to engage the community
  • Efforts to volunteer in their community or local parks
  • Provide training programs that help customers get more active
YouthThe Youth category, sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America, recognizes an outstanding young leader (between 16-21 years old) that shows leadership and passion for the outdoors and is an inspiration to us all.

Things to Consider:
  • Shows leadership in schools and communities
  • Sharing their sport and passion with others
  • Goes above and beyond to protect and preserve the environment