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Request for Merger of Two or More Leagues

Procedure When Two or More Leagues Become One

When two or more Leagues combine into one, the intent is that full League activity continues in the combined geographic area of the existing Leagues. If a struggling League disbands because of diminishing membership and deteriorating interest in League activities, its members may, of course, join a nearby League as individuals but all local program is lost in the area of the disbanded League. If, however, one or more Leagues are dissolved with the intent that their members as a group merge with established adjoining League, here is the procedure to follow:
  • Consulting with the state League from the beginning, the local League boards discuss the proposed change separately and collectively, and decide on a recommendation.
  • Members of affected Leagues are given the opportunity to discuss and approve or disapprove as outlined here:This recommendation is presented to the membership at unit or general meetings, with advance information given in the local League newsletter. This information should include any budget adjustment needed if the change will create expanded administrative, program or voters service responsibilities. Membership understanding and agreement are essential to successful change. This agreement may be obtained by the discussion/consensus process or by a formal vote at a meeting called for this purpose.)
  • Formal application, using the form below. Upon notification of approval by the LWVUS, a steering committee composed of leaders from each of the local Leagues is formed to undertake these tasks:
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Draft new or revised bylaws; Make recommendations for local program; Draw up a proposed budget (based on the total PMP applicable to all Leagues involved, as of the most recent January membership count); Prepare a slate of officer and director nominees. The resulting information is sent to members in each local League.
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Members in each local League vote to combine (one or more having agreed to dissolve), and then meet together. (Management of this process is accomplished most readily by holding all meetings under one roof on the same day.) Members proceed with regular business of an annual meeting, including adoption of program and budget and election of officers and directors.

Please provide the following information for each League: