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Important Notice on Test Order Shipments: We are currently shipping orders approximately two times a week. Your order should ship within 3-4 business days of confirmation of your order. With that in mind, it is extra important to allow us extra time to process your order so we can guarantee delivery. We are committed to communicating with you clearly during the process and will do everything we can to assist you with getting your critical test materials.

If an urgent situation arises for you, please reach out to us directly so we can work with you to find the best possible solution to address your immediate needs.

Please proceed through the following form to put in your request for test products.

At present, this order form has a few limitations you should be aware of before proceeding:

- We can only take requests for a single test at this point (with the exception of administrative support modules, which will need to be ordered in identical quantities). If you need additional tests, please submit this order request multiple times and we will make every effort to treat them as an individual order when shipping and invoicing.

- This order form will not calculate the cost of your order before submitting. There will be an option to request a quote prior to having the order placed. If you select that option, we will send a quote for the amount of the order prior to placing your order.

We expect to improve the functionality of this form over time to better serve your needs.

Thank you! Please click "Next" to continue.

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