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January 26 catch phrase ideas

Background information

In the lead up to January 26, we're looking for a simple, easy-to-remember and inspiring catch phrase (or catch phrases) that will help mainstream Australia get behind the push to change the date. This is not a catch phrase to replace the change the date catch phrase, but one that can sit beside it, to help people imagine where we are headed after we change the date.

It might be the kind of catch phrase that people use on their Facebook and Twitter posts or on other social media in the lead up to and on January 26 (extra points if it works well as a #hashtag!). Ideally it will be something positive, unifying and inclusive. Something that recognises the problem with our current national day - but also looks beyond it to a time when we can celebrate together as a diverse, unified nation.

1. Which of the following catch phrases do you like the best? Tick as many options as you like (or none!) and feel free to add your own suggestions down the bottom.