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Survey on Japanese Rice Cookers 炊飯器における調査

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I am a lecturer at the University of London, specialising in Japanese history. I am currently researching Japanese rice cookers since the introduction of the electric rice cooker in 1956. I am interested in the technological development of the rice cooker over time, the way in which the rice cooker was advertised and sold, and the impact that the electric rice cooker had on the everyday lives of Japanese women. 日本史を専門にして、私はロンドン大学の講師です。私は、現在、1956年の電気釜の導入以来の日本の炊飯器について研究しています。私は時間がたつにつれての炊飯器の技術開発、炊飯器が広告を出して、販売された入口、および電気釜が日本人の女性の日常生活に持っていた影響力に興味を持っています。
Thank you for taking the time to answer my survey on rice cookers. It will only take 5 minutes to complete the survey. お忙しいところ、炊飯器における私の調査に答えてくださってありがとうございます。調査を終了するには 5分かかるだけでしょう。 よろしくお願いします。
1. Have you ever purchased a rice cooker? あなたは今までに炊飯器を購入したことがありますか?
2. Has anybody ever bought a rice cooker for you?
3. If your answer is yes, who purchased a rice cooker for you?
(If you do not have a rice cooker please go to question 15)
(炊飯器を持っていない場合、質問 15に答えて下さい)
4. What brand of rice cooker did you purchase?
5. Why did you purchase that particular brand of rice cooker?
6. Were you influenced by any advertising before purchasing your rice cooker?
7. What kind of advertising was it?
8. When did you buy your rice cooker?
9. Where did you buy your rice cooker?
10. How often do you use your rice cooker?
11. Do you ever use your rice cooker for any other cooking?
12. Have you purchased a rice cooker more than once?
あなたは炊飯器を 1度以上購入したことがありますか?
13. If your reply is yes, Why did you buy a rice cooker?
14. If you have ever upgraded your rice cooker by purchasing a newer technology model, how long did you have your previous rice cooker before your new purchase?
15. As a child, do you remember your family buying a rice cooker?
17. What brand of rice cooker did your family purchase?
18. Who made the decision or who purchased the rice cooker in your family?
19. Have you ever cooked rice without using a rice cooker?
21. If you think about your everyday life, your mother's everyday life, your grandmother's everyday life, what impact do you think the electric rice cooker has had on the everyday lives of Japanese women?
23. Please provide the following personal information
24. Age 年令
25. Marital status 結婚歴
26. Nationality 国籍
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