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2018 Cornerstone Credit Union Performance Report Participation Registration Form

We are excited you're interested in participating in our nationwide credit union performance study! There is no cost to participate. After providing us with a few basic details about your institution and we verify your eligibility to participate, we will provide you with more information about:

1) the study process and the online survey tool;

2) answers to frequently asked questions; and

3) contact information for the Cornerstone Survey Team – so you'll always know how to reach us.
None of your contact or institution's confidential information is shared with anyone outside of Cornerstone Advisors.
2. Asset Size (As of 12/31/2017) *This question is required.
3. Credit Union Headquarters Location *This question is required.
Person to receive further details about survey / study process.  You can change this contact name later.
Required so we can send information about the Cornerstone Performance Report study. This question requires a valid email address.
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8. How did you hear about the Cornerstone Performance Report study? *This question is required.