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CC Survey 2017

Cow-Calf Survey 2017, brought to you by Ritchie Industries.

This survey is directed towards cow-calf operations, both commercial and seedstock/purebred operations. Please answer the questions below if you own and/or manage a cow-calf operation of any size. If your operation has multiple calving seasons please answer the questions to what you consider to be your primary herd or to what season in which the majority of your cowherd calves. Your answers are final once you click submit at the bottom of the survey, please keep this in mind while answering the questions. Please complete this survey by February 16th, 2018. **All survey results are confidential**
1. Type of Operation?
3. What was the size of your cowherd as of January 1st, 2018? (combined total if in several locations)
5. Seventy-five percent of my cowherd calves within this many days of my calving start date:
7. What was the weaning weight of your calves (at the time they were removed from the cow)?
8. My weaned calf crop percentage (number of calves weaned divided by number of cows exposed to a bull/AI from previous year) was:
9. How many calves does your average cow have during her life on your operation? In other terms, if a bred heifer were to enter your herd, on average, how many calves would she produce before being culled?
10. Did you wean your calves prior to shipment?
11. What procedure did you use when marketing your calves?
12. What form of marketing did you use on your calves?
13. What was your gross income per calf, ($/hd, e.g. $185/cwt multiplied by 5.50 cwts (payweight))? (If not sold at weaning then use the value of your calves at weaning time)
14. Did you retain ownership? (check all that apply that most accurately describes what you did or plan to do)
15. What was your estimated or figured cash cow costs in 2017?
16. What percentage of your cash cow costs did you allot for: (Total must equal 100)
0 out of 100 Total
17. What was the average price paid for your bulls in 2017?
18. Do you expect to calve more females in 2018 than 2017?
19. Do you expect to calve more females in 2019 than you will in 2018?
20. If you expect to increase your female breeding herd, how will you expand? (Select all that apply)
21. Under the current market conditions, which of the following actions are you implementing? Check all that apply.
22. Over the last 3 years if you have expanded your cowherd, what was the main contributing factor to that decision?
23. Over the last 3 years if you have liquidated your cowherd, what was the main contributing factor to that decision?
24. Do you have a formal relationship with a veterinarian, also known as an active Veterinary-Client Patient Relationship (VCPR)?
25. Do you have an annual preventative vaccination plan for your cow herd?
26. Do you regularly use antibiotics in your herd? (Check all that apply)
27. When using antibiotics to treat diseases in your cow herd, what sources of information, in addition to the drug labeling, do you use to determine the duration of use of the antibiotic? (Check all that apply)
28. Are you, or is someone on your farm or ranch, Beef Quality Assurance certified?
29. What do you currently use to water your livestock? Check all that apply.
30. Do you own any other animals other than cattle? Check all that apply
31. If you do not use automatic waterers currently, what is main reason preventing you from doing so?
32. Do you consider water quality a high priority as part of your animal nutrition plan?
33. Are there automatic waterers readily available in your area?
34. Do you take water quality into consideration when making improvements on your operation?
35. Do you work with your county extension office, NRCS, FSA, or any other public organizations when making farm improvements?
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