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Bait Preferences and Fishing Experiences in Australia Survey

PROJECT TITLE:   Bait Preferences 

Caitlin McCurrie (Research Lead)


We would like to invite you to participate in our research on bait and fishing in Australia.

What will I be asked to do? 
We will ask you to answer some questions about your bait preferences and fishing experiences. 

What are the benefits? 
You will receive a 100% discount code for 300 live spikes/maggots.  
Your answers will also be used to improve technology on environmentally friendly bait. 

How will my confidentiality be protected?
Any data collected during your testing will be kept on password-protected computers and raw data will only be analyzed by the named researcher. Your data may be shared with other individuals involved in this research project and other researchers not directly associated with this research project. We will not share your data with anyone other than those within our company, Spike Bait. 

What if I want to withdraw from the research? 

Participation in this research is completely voluntary. You are free to withdraw at any time and to withdraw any unprocessed data previously supplied.

Where can I get further information? 

If you have not understood any of this information or have questions please contact Caitlin at
If you wish to participate please check the box below.