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Inside Columbia Engagement/Wedding Announcement

Please Read This Important Information About Submitting Your Announcement

Thank you for your interest in Inside Columbia magazine to share the news of your engagement!


For 2018, we will be featuring our special wedding section four times over the year in our February, May, August, and November issues. Engagement announcements will also be featured in these issues, a ¼-page ad for a fee of $250. If you would like to share your announcement in the magazine, make a check payable to “Inside Columbia Magazine” and send it to 3215 Lemone Industrial Blvd. Suite 200, Columbia, MO 65201.  You may also call (573) 875-1099 to speak with Adam to pay with a credit card and receive instructions for submitting a photo and copy electronically.


Once all items are received and the order is paid, Inside Columbia will print your announcement in the next available wedding issue.

Please give as complete information as possible. Be sure to provide full names. For example, don't list parents as Mr. and Mrs. XYZ. Include both first names -- Joe and Jane XYZ. We understand that family relationships are sometimes complex so we've allotted two lines for the bride's parents and two lines for the groom's parents to accommodate the inclusion of stepparents. Do not list the mother and father on separate lines unless they are no longer married. There is space at the end to include additional information you'd like our readers to know or to clarify responses that may be confusing to the person writing this announcement.

We require a high-resolution photo of the couple in order to run in the magazine. Photos must be at least 3x5 in 300 dpi. You may upload your photo at the end of this survey or send a photo to scan to Editor, Inside Columbia Magazine, 3215 Lemone Industrial Blvd, Columbia, MO 65201. Provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you wish to have your photo returned.

If you would like us to consider your wedding for a feature story in the magazine, please submit a disk of high-resolution photos from the wedding and reception along with your contact information. If your wedding is selected for a feature, you will be contacted by a reporter who will get the details for the story. Submit your photo disk to Editor, Inside Columbia Magazine, 3215 Lemone Industrial Blvd, Columbia, MO 65201.

Because of limited space in the magazine, submitted engagement announcements may not necessarily run in the next issue published. However, we make every effort to run announcements in the month of or prior to the wedding if we have received the announcement prior to the deadline.

Thanks, and congratulations!