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Active Traders Success Survey: Jan 2018


1. How strongly do you Agree or Disagree wth each of these statements: *This question is required.
Space Cell Strongly Disagree - No way!Somewhat disagreeSomewhat agreeStrongly Agree - Yeah!
Before buying one of your video courses it is important for me to be able to download a free preview clip
I like the idea of your new $7 three-week trial offers for your subscription services
I am now subscribed to an options advisory / alerts service
I seldom sit through live webinars anymore; I'm fine just getting the replay video link instead
I'm currently subscribed to a live trading room other than
I'm not buying many trading services or courses now (from anyone); mostly I just watch youtube & free webinars
2. Rate my performance (to the best of your ability):  Your feedback really helps! *This question is required.
Space Cell PoorNeeds improvementdon't know; n/aFairly GoodOutstanding
Ken's free Saturday webinars
Ken's honesty & trustworthiness
Ease of use of websites
Quality of Ken's video download courses you've bought
Ken Calhoun compared to other educators
Course selection & variety
Ken's Youtube channel videos
Courses / webinars easy to understand
Quality of Ken's subscription services you've tried
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