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NSD HiCap Council - High School Transition Survey

Student Information

This survey is being conducted by the HiCap PARENTS Council, and is NOT sponsored by the Northshore School District. We will use the results to guide our parent advocacy efforts.  We will also share results with the district, but only in an aggregate/anonymized form.

Please answer the survey by January 31. We have a meeting that Friday to discuss this topic with district administrators, and want to have community input for that meeting.
This survey is intended for current 9th or 10th graders who are identified as Highly Capable. The survey should take between 7-10 minutes to complete.  

Please answer this survey with ONE particular child in mind. If you have multiple children who have transitioned into high school (9th or 10th grade) THIS year and have the need for "highly capable" services, please take the survey again for each child. This survey can be filled out by either the parent or the student themselves.

This survey is anonymous.
3. In which subjects did your child formally qualify as "highly capable" with the Northshore School District, through the school district's testing process (using ITBS, CogAT, etc).  Highly capable services can be provided in any school in the district for any grade, K-12. *This question is required.
4. Does your child have any special needs, disabilities, or learning disabilities (other than needing highly capable services)?
6. Did your child participate in AAP in junior high school for at least one year?
7. Did your child take the PSAT at school this fall?