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2018 Boulder Valley IQ Awards Nomination Form

17th Annual IQ Awards



Do You Have a High IQ?
Innovation drives the Boulder Valley. The Boulder Valley IQ Awards honor the "Innovation Quotient" among companies and organizations based in Boulder and Broomfield counties or for local divisions of national/international companies in those counties that are instrumental in innovation.
Call for Nominations
Nominate an innovative person, company or product/service in one of the following categories: 
  • Innovator(s) of the Year — Honors an individual entrepreneur or researcher. An entrepreneur will be considered for fostering a culture of innovation within their company, while a researcher or team will be considered for a major discovery or innovation.
  • Innovative Company of the Year — Recognizes a Boulder Valley company for promoting a culture of innovation in the region.
  • Incubator/Accelerator of the Year — Honors a Boulder Valley incubator or accelerator that has had a major impact promoting innovation in the region.
  • IQ Awards for Innovative Products or Services — IQ honors products and services that have demonstrated a high degree of innovation, with strong market potential. Up to seven honorees will be named for innovative products or services, broken down into categories. 
    • Judges are looking for products or services that are truly “innovative” — entries that stand out from the crowd; ideas that are very creative and perhaps even unique.
    • Judges review innovations from both new companies and those already successfully doing business.
    • The idea should be one that can lead to a “sustainable” successful business. For example, one that is not just a design on a napkin, but a product or service that has the best potential to help build or grow a successful company.
    • The product or service should be introduced during the last 18 months in the marketplace, or at least in a testing or beta situation where actual or potential customers already are using it. 
    • The product or service doesn’t have to have made money, but it must show a potential for profitability and survival of the business.
    • Priority will be given to ideas that are clever, unique, creative; not on "slickness" of marketing materials.
    • A company that has won a previous IQ Award can win again for an entirely new product or service.
    • IQ Awards Criteria:
    • All products or services must be submitted by companies based in Boulder and Broomfield counties, in the Denver/Boulder corridor, or local divisions of national/international companies that were instrumental in the innovation. 
    • IQ honors innovative ideas, not necessarily the company or person who came up with the innovation.
    • Companies may send a packet of additional product or service materials (including brochure, video, or a product sample), as well as more detailed market description, to better inform the judges.

*We have updated our nomination process to be more convenient for the nominator. Once the basic nomination is complete you will receive an application the Friday after the nomination is submitted. Please submit all applications no later than Wednesday, July 11, 2018.  The basic nomination DOES NOT qualify the nominated business or person(s) to be considered during the selection process. 

Help us honor the highly creative person, company, products or services and vote for the Innovation of the Year.

If you have any questions about the event or nomination form, please contact Ashley Cawthorn, 303-630-1967; 970-232-3152, or

If your company is interested in sponsoring, please contact Nic Morse,