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Assistive Software Knowledgebase Review Team Terms of Agreement  

Researchers at Georgia Tech are developing the Assistive Software Knowledgebase – a new online resource to help employees with disabilities, employers, and rehabilitation professionals find the information that they need to select, install, and use specialized software for people with disabilities in the workplace.

You are being asked to register as a site contributor and submit a product review that will be included in the Knowledgebase.  This information will help others make informed decisions about the software and apps that they use.

Who:  People who use assistive software in the workplace, their employers, and rehabilitation service providers (e.g., assistive technology specialists, vocational counselors, therapists) are invited to post a review and share their experiences with one or more software programs or mobile apps.  You must be 18 or older, and you must be able to answer questions about the software in English.

How:  You will be asked a series of questions about what software or mobile app you use, how you use it, what you like or dislike about it, and what new users should know about the product.  This part of the questionnaire should take about 15 minutes to complete for each product that you review.  You can also choose to answer additional questions about training and about system and software compatibility, which should take about 15 additional minutes to complete.  Please note that submissions will be screened before being posted, and potential reviewers will be blocked from the site if they submit off-topic, bot-generated, or inappropriate (e.g., vulgar) content.

*NOTE: Reviews of conferencing/collaborative software are shorter and should take under 15 minutes total to complete.*

Accessibility:  We have tried to make the online forms that follow as accessible as possible.  However, if you have difficulty navigating online forms and would prefer to submit your review over the phone, please email Karen Milchus ( to schedule a phone call.

Privacy:  When you submit your review, you will be asked to provide your name and contact information so we can follow up with you, if needed.  You will also be added to a project mailing list so that we can give you periodic project updates.  This information will be stored separately from your review(s) and will be used only for the activities of this project.  Your contact information will be kept confidential to the extent required by law.

The posted reviews will display a user id (whatever you choose), whether you are a user of the software (and for how long) or another type of stakeholder, and whether you have a potential conflict of interest in posting information.  If you are a service provider, you will also have the option of including the name of your organization.  Unless you choose to use your name for your user id or provide the name of your organization, your reviews will not link you to your responses.

Best Practice Research:  In addition to sharing reviews and user tips with other potential software users, we would like to make “best practice” recommendations through the Knowledgebase.  To that end, review contributors agree to let us study the combined reviews to look for trends.  For this research, only summaries of the responses overall and for subgroups will be shared.  To make sure that this research phase of the project is being carried out in the proper way, the Georgia Institute of Technology IRB and the Office of Human Research Protections may review study records.  Questions about this research can be addressed to Melanie Clark (

Compensation:  To thank you for taking the time to submit a review, site contributors will be entered into a periodic drawing for $50.  You will be entered once for providing basic information on a product, and again for completing the additional questions about system and software compatibility.  You can enter a drawing additional times by submitting reviews of additional products.  However, in accordance with Georgia state rules on lotteries/raffles, submission of a review is not required in order to have a chance to win, and the link below declining participation will provide additional instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Karen Milchus ( or 404-894-0393.

Your answer to the following question and completion of this questionnaire provides your acceptance of these terms and your agreement to join our Assistive Software Knowledgebase team of site contributors.
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