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Tanki X: December Updates

Hello, tanker!

We are trying to make Tanki X better with every update, but you can help us even more. In December we released the new map called "Repin", premium accounts, updated kill-streaks, updated interface, and celebrated the winter holidays 2018. We need you to evaluate the recently released updates and share your opinion with us, about them.

Your every answer is important!

5. Do you want to play Tanki X with friends?
6. Tell us to what extent would you be ready to invite your friends to Tanki X?
  *Это обязательный вопрос
I will never invite them I will definitely invite them
This is an optional question, which you can choose not to answer. 
This is an optional question, which you can choose not to answer.
9. On a scale from 1 to 10, how much real money do you think a player should invest into Tanki X, in order to play with other players on equal terms? *Это обязательный вопрос
You don't need to invest real money — the skill decides everything. You need to invest money regularily
11. Do you have issues related to your display resolution or screen ratio? 
Issues such as missing interface buttons, or details/buttons overlaying each other, or even missing parts of the interface. 

13. Did you encounter another issues/bugs in the game?
14. Do you still encounter those issues/bugs in the current version of the game?
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