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Back the Blues Survey

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Welcome to this Back the Blues Survey.  The Club needs your help. We are calling on our members and supporters to help us raise our game off the pitch.  Not everyone will be able to help - we understand that and thank you for your continued support.  For those who might be able to contribute we set out below some practical things that we need in the three areas we are aiming to improve.

Please indicate if you can assist in any of these areas and someone will be in touch very soon.  And we welcome any additional ideas you might have.

Chester FC 
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CFU membership status
CFU Membership is £12 a year and entitles you do vote for the Board who run the Club and have a say in key decisions that affect the Club.  We are sending this survey out to non members as well as current CFU members as we value the views and support of all Chester fans.  But we would like to ask you to consider joining if you are not currently a CFU member.

If you are a member we are asking you to consider renewing your membership early and, only if you can afford it, making a donation on top of that - every penny counts.  You can join or renew by going to this website now: City Fans United Membership