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2018 Health Professions HEED Award Application

Welcome to the 2018 INSIGHT Into Diversity Health Professions Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award application. The HEED Award is a measure of an institution's commitment, programs, initiatives, goals, and accomplishments as they relate to diversity, equity and inclusion across your campus. Each application is reviewed by the INSIGHT Into Diversity Health Professions HEED Award committee and receives two scores, one is embedded in the application itself, the second computed by committee members' input after a comprehensive review. Each institution that meets a minimum total score as set forth by the committee, will be named a 2018 Health Professions HEED Award recipient. 

We offer you the opportunity to submit additional information on nearly every question via a "comment box". We highly recommend using these boxes to offer any additional information or insight that you feel will be helpful in our review, or may significantly affect the outcome of our review of your application.

This application is comprehensive and may necessitate reaching out to other offices on your campus for information and data. You can save your responses beginning on the second page of this application by entering your email address at the bottom of the page.  You will then receive a link that will return you to your partially completed application at any time.
If you have any questions, please contact Lenore Pearlstein at On behalf of the entire staff of INSIGHT Into Diversity, we sincerely thank you for taking the time to apply for the 2018 Health Professions HEED Award. 

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