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Local Principals usage in AD environments

Local Security Principal Usage (phase 1)

This survey helps Microsoft learn customer opinions about current field usage of security principals for a future version of Windows Server. This survey is not promising a new feature nor are the questions asked necessarily representative of the final results. There may be follow up surveys. You do NOT need to provide an email address but are free to do so for followup conversations; these emails will not be shared inside or outside Microsoft. SurveyGizmo DOES track IP and geolocation information, please review their terms of service.

For more information on local security principals and security identifiers in Windows, see &
1. What percentage of your Windows Servers is joined to an Active Directory domain? Please drag the slider left or right to set the percentage between 0% and 100% for your organization.
2. For those Windows Servers joined to an Active Directory domain, do you ever assign LOCAL users or groups for accessing file data on that server?

Example: you create a local group on a server and nest Active Directory users or groups in that local group in order to access that server's data.
Example: you create a local user on a server and give those credentials to an end-user to access that server's data.
3. How would you describe your overall usage of local groups and/or users on Windows Servers joined to your Active Directory domain?
4. For Windows Servers NOT joined to an Active Directory domain, please select one or more reasons why they are NOT joined.
6. Please select your organization's size.
This question requires a valid email address.