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Evaluation: Research to Practice in the NIDILRR Community 2018

Evaluation: Research to Practice in the NIDILRR Community

Thank you for participating in these webcasts. Help us make our webcasts the best they can be. Please answer a few brief questions and use the submit button when completed. Your feedback will be aggregated with that of others, and it is much appreciated.
1. While it is not required it is helpful if you give us your contact information, so we can get in touch with you if we have any questions about your responses.
2. Please indicate your affiliation with NIDILRR or project(s) funded by NIDILRR.
4. In what country does most of your professional activity occur?
5. Which webcast(s) did you participate in:
6. The information provided in these webcasts will help me:
Space Cell Strongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly AgreeDoes not apply
To develop my KT plan
To determine what findings/project outputs are appropriate for KT
To improve stakeholder (i.e. researchers, VR counselors, service providers, people with disabilities or other target audience) involvement in my KT activities
To identify effective KT strategies
To measure outcomes of my project’s KT activities
7. Would you recommend this webcast to a friend, student, or colleague?