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2018 American Indian Museum Fellowship Application

2018 Fellowship Guidelines

This residential summer fellowship engages American Indian undergraduates to explore the challenges related to the representation of American Indian Nations and other underrepresented communities in historical organizations, tribal governments, and public history programs. The fellowship is designed for students interested in the different career options within the museum and tribal heritage preservation fields with an emphasis on American Indian cultural and historical preservation. Students will have the opportunity to explore various sites and get a behind the scenes look of such sites as state and tribal museums, sacred sites, and preservation labs.


Priority Deadline                                                                                                                    March 23rd, 2018
All Application Materials Must be Submitted or Postmarked No Later Than              April 2nd, 2018


Eligibility is limited to currently enrolled undergraduates or those who have graduated, up to one year from Spring 2018.  Students must be tribally affiliated, although enrollment is not required.  Through the generous gift of the Good Family Foundation, this program is able to support extended travel for those outside of Minnesota.  While this program is focused on the Minnesota historical narrative and its museums, this program also focuses on skill building for young professionals who wish to explore the museum field more broadly and is open to those outside of its borders.


1. Travel to St. Paul, MN
2. Attend and participate in all required seminars and discussions
3. Complete all necessary coursework, readings and journals
4. Reside in fellowship housing shared with other fellows