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Social Care Assessment carer experience survey

Please tell us your experience and views as a carer supporting somebody in their social care assessment.

The public have asked Healthwatch Herefordshire to find out your experiences as a carer supporting somebody having a social care assessment or review. A social care assessment finds out a person's needs and helps identify what type of support would be most suitable to assist them.

The care assessment also works out if they can receive practical and financial help from the council. 

A new type of assessment called a strength based assessment is now being used and we would like to hear your experience of it as a carer. 

We would like to hear what is good as well as what can be improved.

We will take your views to commissioners and social work teams that provide assessments in Herefordshire.

We will make sure that you cannot be identified by making your survey anonymous grouping your answers with other similar views and if necessary putting across your views in a different way or by using different words.
1. Have you had a recent carer's experience supporting someone who is having an adult social care assessment or review in Herefordshire since October 2017? 
3. Did the assessment outcome change from last time?
4. Do you agree with the decision? Please tell us why.
5. Do you think the assessment will help the person you support to be independent/ more independent? Please tell us why.
6. Is the support they are able to access helping them to manage their health and wellbeing? Please tell us why?
7. Were there any unexpected knock-on effects of their assessment/ Review? If yes or partly please tell us what?
8. Is there anything you would change about the assessment that would improve it? If yes, please tell us what.
9. Please tell us if the person that you care for has any of the following conditions or issues that may affect their health and wellbeing. Pease check all that apply.