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2018 GEAR UP Family Leader of the Year Award - Application

Nominee Information

The GEAR UP Family Leader of the Year is someone who is committed to the GEAR UP movement and the goal of ensuring that college access and success is available to all students. Through their work with other families, school faculty, staff, and partners of the GEAR UP grant, this person exudes the passion and perseverance to effectively assist low-income students in their quest to access and succeed in college. We encourage you to think of the heroes in your community who are active in ensuring student success.
In this application, you will have the opportunity to write about your nominee and upload supplemental materials (e.g., videos, photos, article clippings, or letter of support), which are required.

  • The nominee must be a family member of a current student who is part of a GEAR UP grant. 
  • The nominee must be a family member who has been actively engaged with other families, students, the school, and community to encourage improved college access and success for low-income students. 
  • The nomination must be signed by the GEAR UP Director.
  • All Award Nominations are due on May 10, 2018.

*NCCEP recognizes the unique family structures that GEAR UP students may have and seeks to recognize family members who may or may not be parents, but who are engaged in student success and active in GEAR UP.

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