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CARMEL Scorecard v. 1.0

Getting Started

UX Guidelines 

This scorecard is organized around 6 design guidelines. It can be used to evaluate a design's overall user experience, or as a starting point for a deep-dive expert review or usability test once weaknesses are identified. 

The guidelines are loosely inspired by Nielsen's usability heuristics, but incorporate knowledge and standards that have emerged since Nielsen's principles were published over 20 years ago.

CARMEL guidelines:

Consistency: Follow existing standards, design patterns, and style guides.

Accessibility: Make content universally accessible to users of varying abilities. 

Recovery: Design for error prevention and recovery.

Memory:  Support the limitations of human memory and cognition.

Efficiency: Maximize task efficiency and information findability.

Language: Tailor terminology to the user's expertise and reading level.

Is this a real review or just a test?
What type of design are you reviewing?

(Note: if there are different versions of the design for different platforms, review each separately. However, a responsive design should be reviewed as one unit).
What is your own initial assessment of the design you are about to review?
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