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Social Behavior Quiz - NEW

Etiquette Quiz

Test your social behavior skills with this quick, 10 question quiz. 

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1. In the U.S., when a man meets a woman in a business setting, he should:
2. How much does incivility cost US companies each year?
3. What color should you wear if you want to appear trustworthy?
4. While dining, to remove a bone or unwanted item from your mouth, you should:
5. When a phone call is accidentally disconnected, who should re-initiate the call?
6. In a business setting, if Mr. Senior CEO and Ms. Junior VP approach a door, who should open the door?
7. On social media, you should:
8. Name tags should be worn:
9. To exit a conversation at a networking event, you should:
10. 48% of employees that experience incivility intentionally decrease their work effort.