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SIC Social Innovation Declaration survey

Public consultation: help SIC co-produce a European Declaration for Social Innovation


Social innovators - what holds you back?

From 26 January to 20 April 2018, Social Innovation Community (SIC) is hosting public consultations to find out what the social innovation community needs to achieve even more impact.

We want to tell policymakers in Europe what they can do to support us better. We’d like social innovators, social entrepreneurs, activists, civil society actors, cooperatives, researchers and all the others who make up this diverse community to help us co-produce a European Declaration for Social Innovation. We will present the Declaration to the European Commission for consideration in the second quarter of 2018.

Why you should complete the survey?

By responding to this survey you will be helping us to:

  • Tell EU policymakers what holds the social innovation community back

  • Identify where and how European policies, programmes and funds can help address these barriers

  • Contribute to a new policy agenda for social innovation in Europe

Read more here about why now the time is ripe for Europe’s social innovation community to come together and have their voices heard.