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In October 2016, Volkswagen and the United States entered into a settlement to resolve claims that Volkswagen violated the Clean Air Act by selling diesel vehicles that did not comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) mobile source emission standards. On October 2, 2017, these parties filed a Final Trust Agreement establishing the Mitigation Trust Fund. On January 30, 2018, the Trustee notified Florida that the state is a beneficiary under the Mitigation Trust Fund.

The Mitigation Trust Fund is intended to provide money for specified diesel emission reduction projects. Up to $166 million will be made available to Florida for projects to offset excess emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), from Volkswagen diesel vehicles that violated EPA’s standards. NOx is a precursor to ground level ozone or smog.

As a state beneficiary, Florida is required to prepare and submit to the Trustee a Beneficiary Mitigation Plan before the Trustee will distribute funds for specific projects. This plan must address the following:
  • The overall goal for the use of the funds;
  • The types of Eligible Mitigation Actions that the state will fund;
  • The amount of emission reductions expected due to selected projects; and
  • The projected impact on air quality in areas that bear a disproportionate share of the air pollution burden.
The Department will use responses from this survey to help develop Florida’s Beneficiary Mitigation Plan. For additional information to assist you in completing the survey, including a description of the ten categories of Eligible Mitigation Actions, please visit:
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