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Fit Women and Ovarian Cancer 2018

Welcome to the "Fit Women and Ovarian Cancer?" online survey.

Women: ages 18 to 100; all fitness levels; both cancer survivors and women who have never experienced cancer are needed: 

Thank you for participating with this confidential, anonymous, online survey. The survey is being conducted by ovarian cancer prevention advocates to improve our understanding of potential ovarian cancer risk factors.  
  • The Questions at-hand:
    • Why are women outside of high-risk groups getting ovarian cancer?
    • Why are women under 30 being diagnosed with ovarian cancer?
    • What if there are un-identified risk factors?
  • The GOAL is to:
    • have 3,000 women, including 300 ovarian cancer survivors complete the survey; [NOTE: revised goal is to have 500 completed surveys]
    • conduct analysis on the results of the survey;
    • share highlights from the survey;
  • The HOPE is to:
    • inspire cancer foundations
    • inspire scientific researchers
    • lead to scientific studies focused on prevention
    • identify new ovarian cancer risk factors in need of scientific study
Time:  The Survey will take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete.

Your participation is greatly appreciated and will help make this Citizen Science project for Ovarian Cancer successful.

Survey Sections:

Welcome & Overview
I.    Lifestyle - Exercise [Questions 1 to 5]
II.   Lifestyle - Food/Drink [Questions 6 to 10]
III.  Medical - General [Questions 11 to 22]
IV.  Medical - Gynecological [Questions 23 to 32]
V.   Feminine Hygiene [Questions 33 to 48]
VI.  Perimenopause/Menopause [Questions 49 to 56]
VII. Cancer - Family History [Questions 57 to 60]
VIII. Cancer - Personal History, If applicable [Questions 61 to 65]
IX.  Cancer - Ovarian Cancer, If applicable [Questions 66 to 75]

Wrap-up & Thank You

Privacy: Names are not included in the survey; the data collected will be reported as aggregated, summarized data.

Legalese: Completing the survey implies consent to participate in the Citizen Science for Ovarian Cancer "Fit Women and Ovarian Cancer" study.

Send questions/comments to:

Facebook: Citizen Science for Ovarian Cancer

Website: Citizen Science for Ovarian Cancer