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Evaluation of ROI 101 Module 1

Module 1 Evaluation

1. What is your professional role related to VR? (Check any that apply)
6. What do you think of the length of the module?
8. What do you think about the level of detail related to the module's overview of ROI terminology?
12. Would you like to receive CRC credits for this learning module? (If yes, you must complete the brief 5 question quiz questions to follow).
13. ROI trends should be the only tool used in VR planning and decision making.
13. Cutting funding for a category of services simply because they do not directly show a positive ROI is ethical.
13. What is Return on Investment?
13. Some reasons why it is important to understand ROI are: 
13. Benefits-to-Cost Ratio is the present value of benefits divided by the present value of costs.