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Blast Exposure Threshold Survey Study

Study Purpose and Use of the Data: Many military members are exposed to blasts as a function of their work in the armed services both during training and operations. The purpose of this survey is to understand what types and frequencies of exposures are common, and to help us understand when someone may be experiencing more or less blast exposures than their peers. This research is intended for service members and military academy students only; please do not continue if you are not in one of these categories.

Design of the Study: You are being asked to participate in this anonymous survey. Participation in this research is voluntary. The only alternative is not to participate in this research study. If you volunteer to participate, we will ask you to answer questions about your experiences and how you feel. The survey will take about 5-8 minutes. The responses you provide will be summarized along with the responses of other participants in the study. No personally identifying information (e.g., names or units) will be collected. All data collected and stored by Survey Gizmo will be destroyed. No one will ever know what responses you submitted to this survey.

Known Risks and Benefits of Participation to Participants: There are no known risks of participating in this survey other than loss of anonymity, which is always a factor when transferring information over the internet. Benefits to society include knowledge about the effects of overpressure on human performance and the characterization of human exposure. There is no direct benefit to volunteers. This data is for research purposes only cannot be used as medical information for volunteers.

Participant Compensation: As this survey is anonymous, no compensation is available as it would require us to take your personal information, and could create a link to this study.

Who to Contact with any Questions: If you have any questions about the research, contact the study’s Principal Investigator, LT Claire Modica, email:; phone: 301-319-7305. Should you have any questions about your rights as a research participant, you may contact the Naval Medical Research Center IRB Chairman, CAPT Ramiro Gutierrez, email:; phone: 301-319-3193.

Study Sponsor/Funder: JPC-5 Exposure Standards Working Group

Please feel free to print or save a copy of this document for your records.

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