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Evaluation of ROI 101 Module 2

Module 2 Evaluation

1. What is your professional role related to VR? (Check any that apply)
6. What do you think of the length of the module?
8. What do you think about the level of detail related to the module's overview of ROI terminology?
12. Would you like 1 CRC credit for this learning module? (If yes, you must complete a brief 5-question quiz below)
13. VR-ROI uses readily available administrative data from the following sources:
13. The ROI model estimates employment and earnings impacts as well as service costs at the individual level.
13. The VR-ROI Project first started in 2010, and partnered with the following state VR agencies:
13. Current states involved in the VR-ROI Project include:
13. From the agency's perspective, the VR-ROI project can be used as: