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Vallejo Bluff Trail

Welcome to the survey for the proposed Vallejo Bluff Trail!

The proposed Vallejo Bluff Trail (the red line on the map) would allow people to walk or bike from Glen Cove and the Beverly Hills neighborhood to the existing Bay Trail across the bridge and to other destinations such as the Maritime Academy, ferry, transit center or downtown. It is part of three regional trails that connect Vallejo to the rest of the Bay Area and ultimately to Sacramento: The S.F. Bay Trail; the Bay Area Ridge Trail ; and the California Delta Trail

The trail will be separated from motor vehicle traffic  under I-80 at the Highway 29 undercrossing. It is part of a series of projects around the City to make it safer and easier to walk and bike and get to transit without driving.   More information about the project is on the City's web site here:

This survey is focused on Vallejo residents, but open to all.  We want to know about interest in walking and bicycling, whether this project would help, and what you think if it.  It's just 9 easy questions. We hope you will encourage family, friends, and neighbors to complete it - especially kids and young adults.

1. Which best describes how you get to destinations in Vallejo?
2. What are your frequent destinations in Vallejo? (check all that apply)
3. Would you use the proposed trail?
4. If this trail was open, what would you most likely use it for? (check all that apply)
5. Do you support the proposed trail project?
7. Is there something the City could do that would make you more likely to walk or bike in Vallejo? (check all that apply)
8. Where do you live - in Vallejo or elsewhere?
9. What is your age category?