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UC FDC Kaltura Next Steps WEBINAR 2/20/18

UC FDC Webinar: Kaltura Next Steps

Webinar: Kaltura Next Steps
Tuesday February 20, 2018
11:30am - 1:00pm
Online in Zoom

So, you've recorded videos and added them to your classes in Blackboard. What's the next step? Did you know that you can view analytics for your videos to see which of your students are watching and for how long? You can also add questions to your videos to make them more interactive, and even add these scores to the grade center in Blackboard. Learn how to collaborate with your colleagues by sharing videos editing and publishing rights. Bring your laptop to explore these new skills!

1. Contact Information

Accessibility Statement

The University provides reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities upon request. Any person with a disability who needs accommodations for this event should contact Anne Fensie at or (207) 262-7779 to submit a request. Due to the lead-time needed to arrange certain accommodations, individuals should submit their request no later 1 week before the event.