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Insight and Recovery: Conversations About Mental Health

"Will I ever get better?" people who struggle with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental
health challenges often ask. The road to recovery can be such a long one—with so many bumps along the way—that
many feel hopeless and believe that they might never find freedom. Some might even be convinced that nothing at all
was gained in the treatment process. When knocked down in life, it is easy to forget past triumphs.
Recovery and life are not about being perfect. What truly matters is having the ability—the resilience—to stand back
up. Each. And. Every. Time.

On Tuesday, March 6th join is in this perfectly imperfect adventure called life, as they share personal anecdotes, discuss strategies for resilience and
relapse prevention, and, most of all, provide the hope that yes, recovery really can happen. Life—as messy as it is for
all of us—can also be filled with authentic joy, connection, and gratitude.
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