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AUCCCD Conference | 2018 Call for Proposals

Program Proposal Deadline March 31, 2018

AUCCCD Call for Proposals Submissions
Embracing Resilience | Leading Diverse Communities of Care
October 13 - 17, 2018
New Orleans Marriott

In order to complete your submission, you will need the following:

  • Presenter CVs (to upload)
  • Current (within last 10 years) Peer Reviewed Citations (to upload)
  • School sizes of co-presenters (if applicable)
  • Session proposal (200 word max)
  • At least 1 learning objective (75 word max)
  • Please remember to be as descriptive and accurate as possible in the title of your presentation. Many members use CEs for specific requirements, such as ethics.
You will be able to save your progress and return to the submission at any time.
Submissions will close midnight EST on March 31.

With our theme of Embracing Resilience: Leading Diverse Communities of Care, we seek programs that promote a sense of connectedness, drive attention to weaving diversity and inclusivity within every facet of the work that we do, and help our students and staff manage the stress, trauma, and challenges that they face.

Topics of Interest:
  • We are especially interested in programs that focus on:
  • Developing strategies for a more broadly supportive campus culture/community.
  • Educating campus stakeholders using data that demonstrate our ability to meet the needs of the campus community (campus expectations; help-seeking versus urgency).
  • Managing staff:  Cultivating personal accountability, courageous self-care, and inclusivity.
  • Creating conversations for students, staff, and stakeholders to discuss differences in healthy ways.
  • Inviting creativity and diversity in clinical approaches (creative arts, active learning, play, etc).
  • Addressing trauma; responding to critical incidents.
  • Demonstrating inclusion of diverse student populations, especially underrepresented, underserved and/or marginalized populations on your campus.
  • Examining the variety of operational models and needs of diverse institution types (e.g. community colleges, art & design, religiously affiliated, etc.).
Areas of focus:
  • Leadership/Management
  • Staff retention and development
  • Inclusive excellence
  • Social Justice advocacy (woven throughout all facets of the work we do)
  • Counseling/Clinical work
  • Outreach/Programming/Prevention
  • Ethics/Law (Impact of changes in legislation on student mental health)

Please note: Only current AUCCCD Members may submit and present breakout session topics. Exceptions may be made for preconference workshops, which will occur on October 13, 2018.