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PRIM&R Faculty Interest Form

Thank you for your interest being a faculty member for PRIM&R programs. We are always expanding and evolving our conferences, webinars, and educational programs and resources, so our need for speakers, presenters, and program developers is constantly changing. We are interested in individuals who are excited to work with PRIM&R, from a wide array of backgrounds and disciplines, whether mid-career or seasoned professionals. By submitting your name, you will help PRIM&R develop a diverse pool of potential faculty that will support our planning processes and help us stay engaged with our community.


Please note the following:

-       Submitting your name does not guarantee inclusion in our programs/program development; PRIM&R will contact applicants if and as they fit our programmatic needs.

-       Once you submit your information, there’s no need to submit again unless your experience has changed/increased.

-       This list is only for internal PRIM&R use; we will not share your information with any outside entities.