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CLEF Scholarship Award Application 2018

CLEF Scholarship Award Application 2018

The Colorado Library Educational Fund (CLEF) provides financial support for Colorado Association of Libraries (CAL) members for professional development opportunities.

To apply, you must be a member of CAL (more information on membership here). Currently, funding is available for CAL-sponsored events only. CLEF is a donation-based organization, and funds are available on a first come/first served basis. Depending on the event, CLEF may cover part or all of the expenses.

For more information, contact Dana Abbey at or 303-724-2110.

CLEF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation registered with the Colorado Secretary of State (ID Number: 19891040428).
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6. Recipients of CLEF funding will be asked to share what they learned, or how they will implement what they learned, with CAL membership (e.g., CAL Newsletter, CAL website, social media).

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Thanks for applying for the CLEF Scholarship Award. You will be contacted following review of your application.