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2018 Business Women Award Overview

2018 Program Overview

Providence Business News is pleased to present the 11th Annual Business Women Awards Program. This is one of PBN’s more popular events celebrating the diverse group of successful women business leaders and owners in the state.

Honorees will be selected as Industry Leaders and Women-to-Watch in the six categories listed below.  Additionally, one woman will be chosen for Career Achievement and another for being an Outstanding Mentor to other women.  

  1. Creative Services (Advertising, Design, Marketing, The Arts)
  2. Financial Services (Accounting, Banking, Financial Advisors)
  3. Health Care Services (Administrators, Nurses, Physicians)
  4. Professional Services (Hospitality, Insurance, Legal, Real Estate)
  5. Social Services (Education, Government, Nonprofits)
  6. Technical Services (Architecture, Construction, Engineering, IT, Manufacturing)
  • Industry Leaders have been in their profession 20 years or more cumulative years.
  • Women-to-Watch have been working in their profession for less than 20 years.
  • Overall Career Achievement nominees usually have 25+ years in their career, whether in one profession, or in several positions of progressive advancement.
  • The Mentor Award recognizes someone who has demonstrably assisted and helped other women advance in business.

If you would like to preview any of the applications, click on the links below:

Industry Leader Application
Women to Watch Application
Outstanding Mentor Application
Career Achievement Application 



Submission Deadline: April 11, 2018

Early submissions are appreciated


Business Women’s Luncheon

May 24th from noon-2pm

Providence Marriott