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VRPS Promotes Play and Recreation Matching Funds Application

VRPS Promotes Play & Recreation Matching Funds Application

Please fill out the following application for the VRPS Matching Funds Application.
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6. Please upload your essay (if you prefer to upload instead of type in the form) and any images or plans you would like to include in your application.
7. I can confirm we can install the equipment by the deadline of October 31, 2018. *This question is required.
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Terms and Conditions:

Matching funds must be used towards the purchase of a qualified playground structure. Other freestanding play products are available at our best pricing through US Communities.

Representatives from VRPS, PlayCore, and GameTime will select qualifying projects to be considered for playground matching funds. Orders must be placed by July 18 through GameTime’s exclusive Virginia representatives. Funding can only be applied to additional GameTime playground equipment purchases and only in conjunction with the original purchase. GameTime standard policies and warranties as listed in the 2018 Playground Design Guide apply. Freight, installation, surfacing, and applicable sales tax are extra and not included as part of the matching funds. To qualify for a 100% matching grant, list price of the qualifying playground system must exceed $40,000. Matching funds are subject to rounding rules and may vary based on qualified purchase. For winners who wish to add fitness to their project, bonus funding will be available for GT Challenge Course. (Youth 3000 $10,000//Youth 4000 or Pro 3000 $12,500// Youth 5000 or Pro 4000 $15,000//Pro 5000 $20,000. Preconfigured adult outdoor fitness packages are also available - apply for up to $5,000 in matching funds for outdoor fitness packages. Contact your Virginia GameTime representative for a list of qualifying adult outdoor fitness packages. Freestanding playground products available to winners through US Communities. No other offer, discount, or special programs can be used with this grant program. All applications must be validated by the project administrator. GameTime reserves the right to decline any application for a VRPS funding grant.