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DCC Artist Program Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in the District Clay Center's Artist Program!  

The program is designed for artists who wish to work independently of DCC classes and have 24/7 keyholder access to the Center.  Please note that artists should have had prior experience working with clay.  People new to clay should take at least three ten week classes at District Clay or elsewhere before considering a transition to becoming a Community Artist.

Please note District Clay is not a production pottery and is not the place for you if you intend to make large amounts of work for sale.  Also, we do not fire work made from home.  All work fired in District Clay kilns must be made at the District Clay studio.

If you have not been to District Clay, we suggest you schedule a tour before applying for the program.  You can sign up for a tour by going here

The Center offers over 60 community and associate artist spaces.  Here is a brief intro into the program:

- 24/7 access to the center
- ability to sit in at no cost for all District Clay's regular wheel and handbuilding classes (provided space is available).
- discounted clay and firing fees*; studio glazes included.
- access and use of all center equipment and tools.
- discounted advanced handbuilding and wheel class fees (50% off).
- opportunity to participate in our two annual sales.
- member of DCC's artist/teacher/work-study google group.
- ability to order personal clay supplies at Claywork Supplies through DCC at a discounted rate**.


- community artist (60 spaces):  $175/month for one 24" x 36" x 7" shelf. .
- associate artist (11 spaces):  $235/month for a desk and shelving unit (these spaces only rarely come available.)

Shared shelves:  there is a 30% surcharge for spaces.  Up to two people can share a space. 

A one month security deposit is required, which is refundable with 30 days notice.  Minimum length of rental is three months. 

You will be asked to review and sign a DCC Guidelines and Procedures manual and a Holds Harmless form.  There will be a one hour orientation where you will also get your key and shelves.  You can start your artist membership anytime within 30 days of your orientation date.

If you are a current student at District Clay, your remaining classes will be refunded to you when you start the artist program.

You may purchase clay through District Clay or use your own clay.  If you use your own clay, you will need to pay separate firing fees.  Only work which is made at District Clay studio can be fired at District Clay. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  only cone 6 or cone 10 claybodies can be used.  If you wish to use low fire clay, you must first get permission with our kiln manager and learn about scheduling separate firings.

*Firing fees are assessed at @$24/25 lbs of clay.  These fees are District Clay's cost of firing, no profit margin is added.

**If you use District Clay studio clay or order non-studio clay (cone 6 or 10) through District Clay, you will get our reduced one ton rate (approximately a 30% discount over retail). 
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2. What is your timeframe for becoming a DCC artist? *This question is required.
3. Please indicate which artist level or levels (community or associate) you are interested in: *This question is required.
4. If you wish to share this space, please put the name of the person and their contact information in the box below.  There is a 30% surcharge for sharing a space with another person and they will be required to attend orientation and to sign the Guidelines and Holds Harmless documents.
5. Are you currently taking classes at District Clay *This question is required.
6. Please indicate your interests in working with clay (check all that apply). *This question is required.