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Nancy LaFevers Ambroze Scholarship Application Request


HBIDA has funds for scholarships to qualifying applicants for educational diagnostic testing. 

Scholarships are:
• Funds donated by friends of the late Nancy LaFevers Ambroze and Jerry Ambroze.  
• Scholarship amounts are coordinated by scholarship committee and diagnosticians. 
• Funds are for educational testing for dyslexia, reading difficulties and learning disabilities.

---If approved testing will be covered directly by the HBIDA to preselected diagnostician---

Requirements to apply:

• Applicant must live in the Greater Houston area or in a regional group of The Houston  Branch of IDA including College Station/Brian and the Golden Triangle areas.
• Applicants must be children/students between the ages of 3 – 17 years of age and adults between the ages 18 - 35 years of age.  Exceptions can be made. 
• Attached scholarship application must be completely filled out. 
• Applications must have latest 1040 tax return attached with the ID number (SS) blacked out. 
• Applicants must be tested by a qualified diagnostician who is a member of IDA. 
• Identity of the scholarship recipient and testing results are confidential.  
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
Upon receiving this request we will assign a scholarship committee member who will contact you within the next few week to discuss the application process.
This question requires a valid email address.
12. Have you done any previous testing and or evaluations?
14. Any identified dyslexia/reading difficulties in the family?
15. If awarded a current tax form must be provided.
Do you have an available tax form?
16. What is your current household income?
18. Who referred you to us (HBIDA)