Rudy Project Event Sponsorship Request - 2016

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Event Sponsorship for the 2015 season is closed.

Please complete the following sponsorship request form below if the event to be considered takes place in the United States, Canada or Bahamas.

We will start the 2016 selection process at the beginning of November 2015.

We will contact you directly if your event has been selected for sponsorship.

Thank you - The Rudy Project Event Staff
Note: Event Directors requesting sponsorship for multiple events, please click here to download an Excel spreadsheet that contains the questions below. Complete the spreadsheet with your events and email it to Heath Kucera at If you have only one event, please complete and submit this form.
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Answer "0" for inaugural or one-time-only event
"Yes" means dealer or sponsored athlete/team is organizing event
9. Event Contact Information
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We receive thousands of Sponsorship Requests throughout the year. The following questions help us identify each event opportunity more quickly. Most likely, you'll have additional information to send that we gladly accept. An email address will be provided after you've completed the process.
Example: Constant Contact,, Squirrel Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, other - please specify if possible.
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